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About Rudi Pizzi

When I was studying architecture, photography was a tool I used in the creation of projects and to enhance the presentation of the final product. I incorporated the camera lens as a part of the design development process looking at elements of design such as form, space, geometry, light, texture and color. Over time, as I improved my knowledge of creative design, I also increased my interest in photography learning that the elements were the same. Just as I had photographed the components of my designs, my work became focused on looking for the elements of architectural design in every image I create. To me, composing a photo is similar to designing a building. I like to see how the visual building blocks in the elements of design can be combined into a unique whole.


In recent years I have further evolved into taking my conventional images and integrating them into composites, digital paintings and abstract designs. Photography is a constant journey. It has also allowed me to broaden my horizons into earthborn street imagery and the opportunity to develop another of my interests that includes film noir. I look forward to continuing the journey.


" I look at every photo opportunity as if it were a design with architectural,  structural and artistic integrity, regardless of the subject matter."


                                                                                                R J Pizzi

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